Four of Them

slytherin peeta


Those cunning folk use any means,
To achieve their ends.

idk why the fuck people are so against slytherin peeta cause if the only slytherin u associate with that house is the malfoys let me talk to you about harry potter please

i have this headcanon that peeta got so good with words because he’d have to lie his ass off as home so horrible things wouldnt happen to him. and when you get so used to having people believe you when you tell them the sky is green and the grass is blue, it just slips off your tongue before you even realize what you’ve said.

slytherin are also cunning (“if it werent for the baby” to garner audience sympathy), and strong leaders. hellO this boy can lead a NATION with nothing but WORDS. peeta is one of the most DEADLY (i mean that in a good way) characters in this series because he doesn’t have to even lay a finger on you to get you to do something. he simply speaks and things happens, he can mobilize people to action with nothing but WORDS and those can be a seriously powerful weapon.

slytherins also tend to weigh out their actions BEFORE acting on them, as opposed to gryffindor (the house people usually associate him with and i at first glance can understand why) but that’s more of a katniss/harry potter trait: act NOW think about consequences later (shooting the arena down, volunteering, grabbing nothing but a syringe as a weapon in the hovercraft at the end of CF)

slytherins who AREN’t evil do exist.

sorry im just really excited about slytherin peeta and i love that house


Not pictured: Peeta immediately runs back to the force field so that Finnick can repeat his ‘CPR’ performance.


No matter how many times I see this, I still can’t decide whose face is the best.

See, this is why no one lets you make the plans.


when you get a really good partner for a presentation


"Like how they’ll use Annie for bait, Finnick?"
I can hear him weeping but I don’t care.



this gif looks like a couple o buddies headin on home while the’yre wasted out of their mind and peeta’s just obliterated cause he’s so drunk and katniss is cracking up cause finnick is crying about how he misses annie