Four of Them

And then I made myself all mad thinking about how fucked up Lobdell made Jason’s past.  Just, like, the entire post-resurrection supposed-to-be-UtH-but-completely-missing-the-point bit, the Nightwing-being-in-said-UtH-bit, their entire relationship, and just this shouldn’t be the thing I’m most righteously indignant about with RHATO but I am.

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  1. dimethyloctopus said: Yeah, I’m still kinda miffed about the UTH change. With one sentence, he pretty much completely changed Jason’s motivations. I also miss his bad jokes.
  2. tealgeezus said: Oh god. All of this! And believe me, you’re not alone here.
  3. ruein said: Lobdell destroys everything we love about Jason (RIP Jason’s humor). Though I hope that little scene was like… idk…. way after UtRH or something. :I LOBDELL STOP IT OKAY!?
  4. quipquipquip said: Why would you even mess up UtRH? It is perfect. Why, Lobdell? Why can’t you just LET THE GOOD THINGS BE GOOD??
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